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The Krays
The notorious gangster twins who have captivated the public, and once upon a time lorded over a criminal empire. Some say London and the 1960s couldn't have existed without the dark princes.
Reggie Kray
The gangster prince of the East End.
Charming and calculating, he likes money and respect.
Always loyal to his brother.
"My loyalty to my brother is how I measure myself"
Ronnie Kray
Violent and psychopathic.
A one-man London mob who wants fame and notoriety.
Obsessed with being a gangster.
"We're talking about being gangsters which is what we are"
The Firm
The gang of criminals devoted to the Krays
Jack the Hat
An often unreliable member of the firm.
Payne the Brain
The business side of the firm – Leslie Payne makes the Kray’s dealings look legitimate and credible.
Ron Kray’s right hand men.
Nipper Read
The Detective dedicated to bringing down the Krays.
Reggie's love - Their relationship creates both strength and weakness.
"London in the 1960s, everyone had a story about the Krays"
Vallance Road
The Kray family moved to 178 Vallance Road in 1938. This will become the twins' "operations room", also known as Fort Vallance.
Repton Boys Boxing Club
London's oldest boxing gym, established in 1884. The twins took up amateur boxing here, achieving success from a young age.
The Carpenter's Arms
One of the most notorious pubs in East London – where The Firm assembled for orders and spent time socialising. The twins eventually bought it in 1967 for their mother Violet.
St John On Bethnal Green
Where Reggie married Frances Shea on 19 April 1965.
The Blind Beggar
The infamous pub where Ronnie killed the Richardson gang member George Cornell on 9 March 1966.
Esmeralda's Barn
The fashionable gambling club owned by the twins, as they expanded their empire into the West End – where gangsters mixed with actors, famous sportsmen, and showbusiness celebrities such as Barbara Windsor and Joan Collins.
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